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Do you need to create a presentation and you don't want to install a ny program? Prezi is the website you need to access.

Prezi is a cute website that allows you to create stunning presentations live and in a very easy way.

The concept offered by Prezi is different from the rest o presentation creators out there. Now you have many diapositives and you move throughout them in real time, like an interactive photo-wall.

It is like having all your images on a table and then, you zoom in the ones you want in the given order.

The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use for any user, no matter if he or she is a newbie.

It will take you a short while and results are really good. In addition, as it is an online application, you will be able to create it on any computer, you only need a web browser.

You must register before using the application. It's free.

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